An In-Depth Discussion On Item Choices (Y11, Patch 11.1 "Year 11") (2024)

CDR (Cooldown Reduction) is a highly prized stat that is greatly appreciated by all gods that rely heavily on their abilities to be effective. The stat is generally capped at 40% (outside of picking up Sphinx's Baubles), which means it's important to think ahead when planning your build...there are many choices, and simply getting two 20% CDR items (e.g. Breastplate of Valor + Pridwen) means you could limit yourself from getting full effectiveness from other items that could potentially provide better function, or risk overcapping and wasting stats.

In addition, there are a couple of temporary buffs that increase your CDR temporarily: the Blue Mana buff and the Potion of Power. If you regularly pick these up, you may not need to go beyond 30% CDR.

This chapter will go over CDR options, and provide some examples of item combinations to get the most out of the stat.

Universal Defensive / Utility CDR Items

Breastplate of Regrowth

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Functional protection and CDR option for tanks that heal.

This item is similar to BoV, providing good physical protection and mana, but while it trades off a bit of CDR, it gains high utility via a boost in MS and power triggered by your healing.

Breastplate of Valor

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Anti-physical item with a huge boost in mana pool and CDR.

This is a physical protection item for tanks, specifically for the mana pool and the CDR. It is usually picked up fairly early in a build.

In extreme situations, can be considered by Mages as an alternative to Chronos' Pendant if they're struggling mightily with physical enemy ganks.

It has 2 glyph options for added effect, making it quite appealing.

Bumba's Hammer

Viability, Usage & Status: Situational Viability. Can provide great extra CDR for very specific gods.

This is one of the upgrade options of the Jungle starter Bumba's Dagger. The bonus CDR it provides is best gained through attack canceled abilities in back-to-back combos. A couple of examples of gods that utilize this effect well include Ravana and Susano. It's not for everyone.

Bumba's Spear

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Well-rounded Jungle starter upgrade with CDR and penetration.

The other Bumba's Dagger upgrade, this item provides balanced offensive stats and is the best upgrade option for most Junglers.

Fae-Blessed Hoops

Viability, Usage & Status: Medium Viability. Can provide helpful, additional healing support to teammates. Gods picking this up need to be able to easily heal other teammates.

Provides pretty good general stats including high MP5 and CDR, but the passive effect has situational function, due to the need to pick up the drops, which can be inconvenient in the middle of a fight.

Genji's Guard

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Great anti-magical item with great mana sustain.

This may be the most balanced anti-magical protection item. It provides some of everything...high protection, a bit of health, great mana sustain, and a passive that situationally gives you better than 20% CDR for some abilities.

Gladiator's Shield

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Strong early / mid item for ability users to counter physical enemies.

The bonus damage the passive provides allows this to be a functional item for boxing, both reducing damage intake and increasing damage output. Helpful early game in the Solo lane.

Lotus Sickle

Viability, Usage & Status: Situational Viability. Only functions well for gods that are able to heal others, but provides some helpful protections that should make it a supportive consideration.

The stats aren't bad, but the protections provided to you and teammates you affect are not very high. Can still be helpful and comes at a low price so can see situational use for gods that can quickly and easily apply healing to multiple teammates, such as Guan Yu, Sylvanus, Terra and Yemoja.

Magi's Cloak

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Balanced Protections w/ a passive effect to counter enemy CC.

Decent balanced protections accompany the CDR. The specific appeal here lies in the passive effect, which allows you to absorb/cancel a single hard CC effect once every 70 seconds, which also gives you an additional second of CC immunity.

More specifically, however, is that this offers 2 glyph items, 1 for offensive aggression and 1 that can protect nearby teammates from CC as well.

Mantle of Discord

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Expensive but effective late-game protection item with utility survival function.

The balanced protections are higher than Spirit Robe, but this item is more often picked up as a single protection item by squishy gods that like to dive the backline. The passive causes a shockwave, stunning nearby enemies and potentially allowing you to finish of an enemy and survive. Of course, tanky gods can also pick this up if they want that stun disruption effect.

Potion of Power

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Reasonably-priced consumable (500 gold) for mid and late-game boost.

If you're able to play it reasonably safe and have good teamwork, getting this 5 minute consumable can provide a good payoff. At the 10-minute mark (when this item unlocks), you won't have maxed CDR, and the power boost is helpful, especially for gods with high-scaling abilities.

The availability of this item means you don't necessarily have to get a full 40% CDR from items if you're okay with this consumable.


Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Mid / late-game protection option for tanks looking for a high boost to CDR.

This is a solid pickup for tanks looking for a large boost to CDR, while also getting some protections. The shield gained upon ulting is very functional for teamfights. As it doesn't provide any health or mana sustain, it's better after some those are purchased.

Note the functionality of when the ult activates; it only activates when the ult has ended. This can create weird, non-synergistic function for certain gods.

A big draw is that this offers 2 glyph upgrades for additional protections / damage.

Prophetic Cloak

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Strong option providing balanced protections, CDR, and a constant mitigation effect.

Note that the max stacks make this item very strong, but it requires stacking to reach there, which can be a while depending on the situation. At full stacks, and especially with a high protection build, can give you great damage mitigation.

Rangda's Mask

Viability, Usage & Status: Situational Viability. Interesting starter/upgrade for Guardians/Warriors to deal high damage in off-meta roles.

This item is only purchasable by Guardians and Warriors, and allows them to deal bonus damage as long as they've built enough power from items. It is not a common pickup and is usually picked up when people are just looking to have fun with off-meta picks.

Relic Dagger

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Popular with Supports wanting to use teamfight relics often.

Best and most common use of this item will be for gods that are looking for a lot of added utility, due to the high health, CDR, CC reduction, and movement speed. The passive takes a significant amount of cooldown time off of relics, which can provide some great function late-game in teamfights.

Almost a core item in teamfight modes for gods like Odin and Ares when combining with Blink Rune for initiation purposes.

A major draw is that this offers 2 glyphs, one of which ( Bewitched Dagger) is particularly useful to counter basic attackers by slowing their attack speed.

Sphinx's Baubles

Viability, Usage & Status: Low Viability. Increases max CDR limit at the expense of other stats.

This is an interesting item that allows you to increase your CDR past the cap of 40%. 10% extra isn't all that much, and you have to invest so much into CDR items that you likely miss out on other helpful stats. Not typically recommended except for funsies.

Spirit Robe

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Universal protection function, anti-CC.

This provides a great balance of stats with great anti-CC function, useful for almost any tank. A big draw is the passive's ability to situationally mitigate a good portion of incoming damage.

Magical CDR Items

Chronos' Pendant

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Highest CDR in an offensive magical item.

The somewhat high price makes it a better pickup in the mid to late-game. The CDR it provides is invaluable, and with the passive, provides better than 20% CDR equivalence.

Cyclopean Ring

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Well-rounded item for basic attacking mages, providing hybrid functionality due to the added CDR along with added burst damage function.

This item is great for later portions of a match for mages that want added attack speed. It counts as a hybrid item due to the CDR, and it also has burst damage potential from the passive, stacked and applied by basics.

Rod of Asclepius

Viability, Usage & Status: Situational Viability. Utility CDR item for group lifesteal and power.

This and Soul Gem are similar options providing lifesteal and CDR. However, the CDR is provided as an aura, so nearby teammates gain the effect. In addition, all healing is increased by 30%, which makes this a functional item specifically for teammate-healing gods.

Soul Gem

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Utility lifesteal item for burst damage, survivability, and minor team healing.

This item is focused a bit on utility since it also has lifesteal and situational bonus damage output. The burst damage it provides at full stacks is helpful, but to get enough healing out of it, it's better for gods that have low CDs on their damaging abilities.

Spear of Desolation

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Mid-game pen option for damage boost.

The combination of power and flat penetration is useful for basically any mage looking for extra damage, especially in the earlier stages of a match due to the flat penetration. Many will want to pick this up, but you might consider skipping this item if you need to counter a healer (in which case, you'd Divine Ruin is the common substitute which still provides some flat penetration).

Staff of Myrddin

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Mid to late-game CDR + burst item for mages.

This item provides some well-balanced stats, but the passive interaction with the ultimate means it's not going to be extremely effective for all gods. Great for gods that initiate with ults and immmediately follow up with other damaging abilities.

Sands of Time



Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Popular starter item for early CDR. Both upgrades provide CDR plus other benefits.

Sands of Time is a popular starter for Mid-Lane Mages, and mages of all types in other game modes. It also provides some mana sustain.

Pendulum of Ages is the offensive, high CDR upgrade, purchased specifically for that function.

The Alternate Timeline is the utility / defensive upgrade that provides decent protections, along with a Khepri ult-like function to prevent your immediate death.

Physical CDR Items


Viability, Usage & Status: Medium Viability. Unique offensive utility for offensive gods (e.g. Conquest Jungler) looking for easier ganking potential after ulting.

This item provides high power and some CDR. The passive is best used to track and kill retreating enemies, or to surprise an unsuspecting enemy. Great for gods that start a fight with their ults.

Blackthorn Hammer

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Early item for Solo-laners/tanks.

This revived item provides good power, health and mana, along with situational CDR or a huge MP5 boost to make sure you never run out of mana for long. While the stats are generally good, its effectiveness falls off late when you have more base mana and MP5 from other items, so consider replacing it then.

Caduceus Club

Viability, Usage & Status: Situational Viability. Functional utility for physical team healers.

This item provides well rounded utility stats, including some power, health, MP5, and CDR. The interesting features are the passive and aura, which increases healing and provides nearby teammates with CC reduction and a bit of movement speed. It should only be purchased by gods that can heal others, such as Guan Yu and Horus.


Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Hunter-specific, offensive utility for teamfights.

This item provides good power, along with high CDR, some crit chance and % pen, providing solid stats for hunters that want CDR that's especially helpful for more ult use.

The passive will find better use in a teamfight, as it creates a crit debuff on affected enemies, allowing ALL teammates the chance to deal critical strikes. However, the main draw will be for the main stats.

Hydra's Lament

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Great damage boost for gods that attack cancel.

Provides bonus damage on basic attacks performed immediately after using abilities. Along with CDR and penetration, it makes this a key damage booster for select gods that use both basics and abilities (mainly Assassins such as Awilix, Susano, Ravana, Loki, etc.).

Jotunn's Wrath

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Early to mid-game CDR for ability-reliant gods.

People generally buy this for the CDR to help spam their abilities, not for the penetration it brings, which is just an added bonus.

Usually picked up in the early to mid game, and is not recommended for most basic attackers.

Malicious Deathbringer

Viability, Usage & Status: High Viability. Functional Glyph version of Deathbringer that gives you some CDR when critting.

While many people building Deathbringer will opt for the Envenomed Deathbringer variant, this one is underrated to provide significantly reduced CDR for abilities on cooldown, which can be greatly helpful for hybrid basic attackers.

Sekhmet's Scepter

Viability, Usage & Status: Medium Viability. Extra CDR for aggressive healers.

This is an interesting item that combines 2 effects...healing and offense. After healing yourself or a teammate, when you damage enemies, you get some CDR for your non-ult abilities. It's potentially great for certain gods that have self healing but want to deal continuous damage.

Soul Eater

Viability, Usage & Status: Medium / High Viability. Power + lifesteal/sustain item for hybrid basic / ability attackers.

This is an interesting item that is generally meant for gods that are more ability-based and looking for some health sustain. The passive lifesteal allows you to gain health from ability use.

Although it's a stacking item, it won't take long to evolve, as ANY nearby death (friend or foe, including minions) will provide stacks. That said, it's used very situationally and mainly in the Solo lane, with select junglers potentially considering it as well. Without providing any protections, it's used early for the sustain and to maintain pressure.

Item Combos and Maxing CDR

When looking to build high CDR (usually 30-40%), it's important to combine the right items together for the specific god and situation. A lot of build progression is covered in Chapter 2, but we'll talk specifically here about the focus on maxing CDR.

A lot of people are set on hitting that 40% mark. However, in many cases, you should understand that 30% CDR is already quite high, and other, non-CDR items may provide more utility in your full build. It is also a bit more important to build more CDR in teamfight modes such as Arena, Clash, and Joust, where you're constantly engaged with the enemy.

In any case, here are some general suggestions for CDR item combinations for the various classes.

Full Damage Assassins

Most Assassins focus on offense. In Conquest, you can find them both as Junglers with an emphasis on offense, but can also build them tanky (similar to Warriors) in Solo-lane roles. This section targets offensive Assassins. If you're building tanky, reference the Warrior section below.

Note that you also have the option of using the starter Bumba's Dagger and its upgrades Bumba's Spear and Bumba's Hammer. Those can provide additional CDR as well, meaning you would potentially adjust your other CDR item choices to fit.

  • Universal Offense / Basic Attack Canceling: Jotunn's Wrath, Hydra's Lament.

    The 1-2 punch of a offensive physical ability user is Jotunn's + Hydra's. In most cases, Assassins are pretty adept at weaving basic attacks in-between ability use. In most cases 30% CDR is sufficient. Some whose ability scaling is high may consider adding Transcendence as a mid-game item specifically for the high power.

  • Gank Potential: Add Arondight.

    The reveal and MS boost are great for catching up to fleeing enemies. Best for gods that use an ult at the beginning or middle of a teamfight and want to continue fighting after.

Tanky Guardians

Guardians will typically build tanky as they are most often played as Supports, with more emphasis on protections and counter items, and less emphasis on damage (at least in Conquest). Here, we'll only be talking about protections. If you're using a Guardian in a more offensive role, you can reference the Mage section below to check various offensive options.

  • Universal Protection: Prophetic Cloak, Spirit Robe, Magi's Shelter.

    This is a standard combination with dual protections. It provides 30% CDR, added mitigations, and CC reduction. You can also drop one or two of these and consider either Breastplate of Valor or Pridwen.

  • High Mobility (for healers): Add Breastplate of Regrowth.
  • High Blink Use: Add Relic Dagger.

    Consider this as Ares, Cabrakan, or other gods that utilize Blink Rune well.


Almost all mages benefit greatly from CDR. Remember also that at the 10-minute mark, Potion of Power becomes available for an easy (albeit temporary) power and 10% CDR boost.

Unless you're focusing on basic attacks (e.g. Freya), consider the following combos.

  • CDR-Focused Mage Build: Sands of Time or Chronos' Pendant

    Early game, if you're intent on getting CDR, you can start with the Sands of Time starter. You could alternatively pick up Conduit Gem as a starter to go along with Chronos' Pendant. You don't want to necessarily max out CDR too early, as there are a variety of other items Mages will want to consider.

  • Teamfight / Burst Function: Add Spear of Desolation, Soul Gem or Staff of Myrddin.

    Spear of Desolation is a popular early-game item that provides some flat pen. It's a better pick if you don't need the anti-heal from another early pen item ( Divine Ruin), but they can also be built together.

    You'll usually pick Soul Gem up mid to late-game for the health sustain you'll get from the lifesteal, though it also helps in teamfights with a minor group heal and extra burst potential.

    Staff of Myrddin is a solid pick when you ult at the start or beginning of a teamfight; it can give you extra damage on abilities cast immediately after ulting.

  • Healing: Add Rod of Asclepius or Lotus Sickle.

    Rod of Asclepius is great for overall healing function, while Lotus Sickle is a tankier option providing some added protections.


Most Warriors build fairly tanky, but benefit from building some power / penetration as well. In Conquest, you can find them mostly in the Solo-lane, but can also build them for damage (similar to Assassins) in Jungler roles. This section targets bruiser, ability-based Warriors, and these combos can be used in Conquest or teamfight modes. If you're building for higher offense, reference the Assassin section above.

  • Common CDR combos for Solo-Laners (pick 2 or more): Blackthorn Hammer, Gladiator's Shield, Genji's Guard, Magi's Cloak, Spirit Robe.

    These are all common items you can pick up for CDR; there is no set-in-stone item combination for bruiser Solo-laners.

  • High Mobility (for healers): Add Breastplate of Regrowth.

    If your god has healing abilities, add this into the mix when you see fit (mid-game or later). Consider skipping Breastplate of Valor altogether.

  • Early Aggression: Add Soul Eater or Sekhmet's Scepter.

    Soul Eater allows you to lifesteal from both basic attacks and abilities, and is best for gods that can be aggressive early with multiple damaging abilities, such as Mulan or Shiva.

    Sekhmet's Scepter is for self healers, allowing them to heal up and stay in a fight with aggression and lower CDs.

An In-Depth Discussion On Item Choices (Y11, Patch 11.1 "Year 11") (2024)
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