Colocation au Luxembourg, aide entre générations pour le logement (2024)

Are you looking for a flat-share in Luxembourg and don't know how to go about it? Here's our advice on how to find an apartment to share with a landlord, or a flatmate who matches your expectations.

We'd also like to tell you about an innovative sharing arrangement between juniors and seniors, so that everyone, whatever their generation, can benefit from this unusual cohabitation.

Finding an apartment to share

In Luxembourg, flatsharing is a popular form of accommodation for young employees and trainees. On the other hand, traditional landlords are not always willing to rent to a shared tenancy.

Web sites to find a flat-share

To meet this increasingly externalized need not only among students, but also among young international executives, organizations are specializing in offering coliving solutions in Luxembourg.

Many websites and forums in Luxembourg specialize in finding shared accommodation. On or, you'll find not only ads looking for accommodation, but also offers of rooms, studios, apartments and houses to rent and share.

These sites also give you the opportunity to get to know people with the same housing desires and expectations as you.

Facebook is also a good way to find accommodation. Look for the following groups: Colocation Luxembourg, Colocation au Luxembourg and Colocation Luxembourg/WG Lëtzebuerg). You can also post your own flat-sharing ad.

According to the website, you'll need an average budget of over €700 to find a room to rent. In Luxembourg City, you're looking at a budget of €900.

Real estate agencies to help you find a flatshare

You can also contact real estate agencies. They have a large list of properties for rent, so they know which landlords are willing to share their property - which isn't always easy! Agencies also offer personalized follow-up and can guide you in your search. They can also advise you on the rental prices to expect.

Classified ads to find a roommate

But don't neglect newspapers and classified ads. Although newspaper classifieds may seem a little "old school", they're still an effective way of finding a flat-share quickly. So don't forget to take a look at Luxembourg newspapers such as Le Wort and L'Essentiel, which regularly feature housing-type classified ads on their pages.

Find a property to rent

Unusual intergenerational flatshare in Luxembourg

What is intergenerational sharing?

Intergenerational flatsharing is a new housing option that's becoming increasingly popular in Luxembourg. Intergenerational sharing has a social aspect. In concrete terms, it's about bringing together older people who have space to spare with younger people. In return for a helping hand, a reassuring presence or a moderate rent, the young people can benefit from accommodation.

In Luxembourg, intergenerational cohabitation saw the light of day in 2015 through Cohabit'âge. The concept is simple: develop mutual aid between older and younger people. Younger people - aged between 18 and 40 - commit to helping their elders in exchange for lower-cost rent, or even free rent for the most committed.

In return for very low rent, students undertake to help the elderly with a range of tasks. These may include helping with mobility, accompanying them on shopping trips, providingadministrative assistance, carrying out small repairs, organizing communal meals, gardening, etc...

Intergenerational shared flats

Three formulas are available to best suit individual needs and requirements. All are governed by a shared-rental contract drawn up and supervised by Cohabit'Age, acting as intermediary in the relationship.

  • Under this scheme, the young person agrees to provide a reassuring and caring presence a few evenings a week and a few weekends a month. In exchange, the senior citizen provides a furnished room free of charge.
  • The convivial formula requires regular attendance in exchange for a monthly contribution to expenses.
  • The friendly formula only requires the creation of bonds, conviviality and respect for the senior's peace of mind. In exchange, the young person receives accommodation in exchange for an attractive monthly allowance.

Caritas Asbl has also set up a cohabitation project which aims to create a social mix between elderly people on modest incomes and students, often of foreign origin, who have come to study in Luxembourg.

Funded by the City of Luxembourg and the Ministry of Housing, Doheem mateneen opened its doors in 2017 in Beggen. This residence welcomes elderly people and students who are struggling to finance rent. The aim of this initiative is mutual support between two generations who often have to cope with precariousness.

The 2,000 m2 residence includes twelve 45 m2 apartments for the elderly and 12 15 m2 student apartments with shared kitchen and living areas, a multi-purpose common room, plus functional areas such as a workshop, treatment room, garden plots, etc.

Looking for another solution for student accommodation? Find out more here.

Colocation au Luxembourg, aide entre générations pour le logement (2024)
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