Fuse Box Diagram Chrysler Voyager (2020-2024) (2024)


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In this article, we consider the sixth-generation Chrysler Voyager, available from 2020 to present. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Chrysler Voyager 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout).

Fuse Layout Chrysler Voyager 2020-2024

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Fuse Box Location

The Power Distribution Center (PDC) is located in the engine compartment near the battery. Remove the cover by unlatching the two locks located at each side of the PDC cover, avoid using screwdrivers or any other tool to remove the cover, since they may apply excessive force and result in a broken/damaged part.Fuse Box Diagram Chrysler Voyager (2020-2024) (2)

Fuse Box Diagram

Power Distribution Center

Fuse Box Diagram Chrysler Voyager (2020-2024) (3)

Assignment of the fuses in the PDC (2020-2024)

F06-Not Used
F0725A ClearIgnition Coil / Fuel Injector
F08-Not Used
F0925A ClearAmplifier / Active Noise Control
F10-Not Used
F11-Not Used
F125A TanBattery Sensor (IBS)
F1310A Red2020-2021: ECM (ESS Only)
2022-2024: ECM (S)
F1410A RedECM
F1540A GreenCBC Feed #3 (Power Locks)
F1620A YellowECM
F1730A PinkStarter
F1840A GreenCBC Feed #4 (Exterior Lighting #1)
F1925A Clear2nd Row Folding Seats Solenoid LT
F2010A RedA/C Compressor Clutch
F2125A Clear2nd Row Folding Seat Solenoid RT
F22-Not Used
F23-Not used
F2420A YellowRR Wiper
F25A10A Red2020-2021: Handsfree LT & RT RR Door Release Mod
F25B10A Red2020-2021: Active Grill Shutter / PWR Mirror
F2510A Red2022-2024: Hands-free Door Mod / Active Grill Shutter / PWR Mirror / VRM
F2640A GreenFront HVAC Blower Motor
F2725A ClearRR Slide Door Module - RT
F28A10A Red2020-2021: Diagnostic Report
F28B10A Red2020-2021: USB + AUX Port / Video USB Port
F2810A Red2022-2024: Diagnostic Port / USB+ (IP) / Video USB Port / Overhead DVD Player (Aftermarket)
F29-Not Used
F30A15A Blue2020-2021: Media HUB 1&2
F30B15A Blue2020-2021: PWR Lumbar SW
F3015A Blue2022-2024: Media HUB / PWR Lumbar
F31-Not Used
F3220A BlueECM
F3330A PinkPower Liftgate Module
F3425A ClearRR Door Module - LT
F3525A ClearSunroof Control Module
F36-Not Used
F3740A Green2020-2021: CBC Feed #4 (Exterior Lighting #2)
2022-2024: CBC / Exterior Lights
F3860A YellowVacuum Cleaner
F3925A ClearRear HVAC Blower Motor
F40-Not Used
F41-Not Used
F4240A GreenFolding Seat Module
F4320A YellowFuel Pump Motor
F4430A Pink2020-2021: CBC Feed #1 (Interior Lights)
2022-2024: CBC / Interior Lights
F4530A PinkPower Inverter
F4630A PinkDriver Door Module
F4730A PinkPassenger Door Module
F48-Not Used
F4925A ClearRR Sliding Door Module - LT
F5025A ClearRR Door Module - RT
F5130A PinkFront Wiper
F5230A PinkBrake Vacuum Pump
F53-Not Used
F5440A GreenESP-ECU And Valves
F55A15A Blue2020-2021: Radio Frequency HUB / Keyless Ignition System (KIN) / (Electronic Steering Lock-BUX ONLY)
F55B15A Blue2020-2021: DVD / Video Routing Module (VRM
F5515A Blue2022-2024: RF HUB/ KIN / ESL / DVD
F56A10A Red2020-2021: Front and Rear HVAC Control Module / Occupant Classification Module (OCM) / Electronic Steering Lock (ESL)
F56B10A Red2020-2021: ESP/ESC
F5610A Red2022-2024: Front & Rear HVAC Control / OCM / ESL / ESP / ESC
F57-Not Used
F5810A RedDrive Train Control Mod / Power Transfer Unit - If Equipped
F5930A PinkTrailer Tow Receptacle - If Equipped
F6020A YellowRear Cargo APO
F6120A YellowTrailer Tow Right Stop/Turn - If Equipped
F62-Not Used
F6320A YellowTrailer Tow Left Stop/Turn - If Equipped
F6415A BlueRT HID Headlamp
F65-Not Used
F6615A Blue2020-2021: Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) / SGW
2022-2024: Cluster
F6710A RedHaptic Lane Feedback Module (HALF) / Parktronics System (PTS) / Drivers Assist System Module (DASM)
F68-Not Used
F69-Not Used
F70-Not Used
F7120A YellowHorn
F7210A RedHeated Mirrors - If Equipped
F7330A PinkRear Defroster (EBL)
F7420A BlueTrailer Tow Backup
F755A TanOverhead Console / RR ISC
F7620A YellowUconnect / Center Display / Telematics
F77A10A Red2020-2021: RR Entertainment Screen 1 & 2 / Media HUB 1 & 2 / 3rd Row USB Charge 0nly / 2nd Row USB Charge Only / Vaccum Cleaner SW / 3rd Row Recline ST SW / LT & RT Stow N Go SW / LT & RT Sliding Door SW Backlight
F77B10A Red2020-2021: Rain Sensor / Sunroof / CRVMM
F7710A Red2022-2024: RR Entertainment / Media Hub / USB (S) / Rain Sensor / Sunroof / RR View Mirror / Overhead DVD Player / Int Monitoring Camera / Wireless Charging Pad
F78A15A Blue2020-2021: Transmission Control Module (TCM) / E-Shifter
F78B15A Blue2020-2021: Instrument Cluster
F7815A Blue2022-2024: TCM (ZF) / E-Shifter / Cluster
F7910A Red2020-2021: ICS / Front And Rear HVAC / SCCM / EPB
2022-2024: ICS / HVAC / EPB SW / Strg Column Cntrl
F80-Not Used
F81-Not Used
F82-Not Used
F8320A BlueTT Park Lights - If Equipped
30A PinkHeadlamp Washer Pump - If Equipped
F8430A PinkDrive Train Control MOD - If Equipped
F8520A YellowCigar Lighter
F86-Not Used
F87-Not Used
F8820A YellowFront Heated Seats
F8920A YellowRear Heated Seats
F90-Not Used
F9115A BlueFront Ventilated Seats / Heated Steering Wheel
F925A TanSecurity Gateway
F93-Not Used
F9440A GreenESC Motor Pump
F95A10A RedUSB Charge Port - ACC RUN
F95B10A RedSelectable Fuse Location - USB IP (Direct) B+
F9610A RedOccupant Restraint Controller (ORC) (Airbag)
F9710A RedOccupant Restraint Controller (ORC) (Airbag)
F9815A BlueLeft HID Headlamp
F9930A PinkTrailer Tow Module - If Equipped
F100A10A Red2020-2021: AHLM
F100B10A Red2020-2021: Rear Camera / LBSS / RBSS / CVPM / Humidity Sensor / ln Vehicle Temperature Sensor
F10010A Red2022-2024: Headlamp Level / RR Camera / Blindspot / Humidity Snsr / In Car Temp Snsr / Headlamp SW
CB125A Circuit BreakerPower Seats (Driver)
CB225A Circuit BreakerPower Seats (Pass)
30 Amp mini fuse is substituted for 25 Amp Circuit Breaker.
CB325A Circuit BreakerFRT PWR Window W/O Door Nodes + RR PWR Window Lockout
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Fuse Box Diagram Chrysler Voyager (2020-2024) (2024)
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