Project Zomboid Map Colors (2024)

1. Project Zomboid Map color meanings: Full map key - Dot Esports

  • 10 apr 2024 · What do the different colors mean in Project Zomboid? · Orange: Residential · Pink: Medical · Green: Parks · Yellow: Retail & Restaurant ...

  • The colors have a meaning.

2. In-Game Mappage - Project Zomboid

  • 23 jan 2017 · ... maps that you find with skulls, house images, crosses etc. You can even choose your own text and icon colours. Please note that the ...

  • Howdy survivor. Hope your apocalyptic nightmare scenario is going well. Here’s some news from the land of zeds… IN-GAME MAPS For many PZ players the alt-tab to Blindcoder’s map has become something of a ritual, but for a long time we’ve needed a way for players to get their bearings in-game. Using the power of […]

3. How to draw maps for the PZ Mapping tools - Tutorials & Resources

4. Curated Map Colors - Skymods

  • 19 jun 2023 · Read more about Curated Map Colors at Graphics, Map on Skymods ... Project Zomboid, Rebel Inc: Escalation, Armored Brigade, Sands of ...

  • Read more about Curated Map Colors at Graphics, Map on Skymods.

5. Project Zomboid: All Server Settings - indifferent broccolipedia

  • you can use RGB colours to chance the colour of the welcome message. You can also ... Find desired coordinates at (Ignored when 0,0,0).

  • Learn about all of the server.ini settings that can be configured on a Project Zomboid dedicated server.

6. Project Zomboid Map Project

  • We use cookies to store your personal POIs (if you wish to do so).I UnderstandPrivacy Policy. Toggle navigation. Project Zomboid Map Project.

  • Project Zomboid Map Project

7. How to install a custom map on your Project Zomboid Server? - GPORTAL

  • How to install a custom map on your GPORTAL Project Zomboid server ♢ Quick and easy explained ♢ Click here.

  • How to install a custom map on your GPORTAL Project Zomboid server ♦ Quick and easy explained ♦ Click here

8. Map Legend UI [Project Zomboid] [Mods] - GameBanana

  • Better Map... A Project Zomboid (PZ) Mod in the Other/Misc category, submitted by Jimmy & Pipebomb.

  • Better Map... A Project Zomboid (PZ) Mod in the Other/Misc category, submitted by Jimmy & Pipebomb

9. Wallpapers and More paint colors for all walls at Project Zomboid Nexus

  • 29 mrt 2024 · Swatches are also can be seen on screenshots. Paint. Added 16 more paint colors (all painted walls you could see on the map). You can paint not ...

  • Have you ever thought why you can't make your walls look like walls of vanilla houses? With this mod you will have a wide variety of options to make your house look as you wish both inside and outsid

Project Zomboid Map Colors (2024)


What do map colors mean in Project Zomboid? ›

Black - are industrial venues, like storage lots, construction sites or factories. Blue are social infrastructure, like schools, police stations etc. Yellow are commercial. Shops, and stuff.

Is it possible to clear the map in Project Zomboid? ›

If you want to clear the entire map then that means you have to go all the way deep into the woods and hunt for the zeds. If it's just the bigger settlements, I tried and still is. Cleared off Rosewood, Dixie, Fallas Lake, March Ridge, and Muldraugh in a single save file. In the process of clearing Riverside right now.

What is the hardest map in zomboid? ›

West Point is the hardest starting map in the game, and it offers more precious loot and high-tier equipment to find. Besides that, the town was developed along the vast river, allowing instant access to natural water, which can be a godsend.

What are the colour codes of maps? ›

Map Colors
  • BROWN: CONTOUR LINES AND ELEVATION. Brown may also mark historical sites, military bases or reservations, national parks, sand, and deserts.
  • BLUE: WATER. ...
Oct 30, 2021

What do the different colours on the map mean? ›

Color codes

Topographic maps are color-coded: blue for water, white for open terrain, green for forest, black for roads, trails, buildings, and other things created by us humans.

What does a color map show? ›

Color maps are used to display a single-band raster consistently with the same colors. Each pixel value is associated with a color, defined as a set of red, green, and blue (RGB) values.

Do zombies Respawn in cleared areas Project Zomboid? ›

By default, zombies respawn in Project Zomboid after 72 hours of leaving a particular cell (which is roughly 300x300 tiles). Additionally, the number of undead respawning in a cell is about 1% of the undead's total population.

What does a soft reset do in Project Zomboid? ›

The chart below details everything a soft reset will impact on your Project Zomboid server. Removes all items left on the ground in-game. Deletes all corpses and zombified players from the world. Erases and replaces every container's loot, including player-made ones.

What is the safest town in Project Zomboid? ›

Project Zomboid: 10 Best Locations To Set Up A Base
  • 8 Post Office, Riverside. ...
  • 7 North Gas Station, Rosewood. ...
  • 6 Three Northern Houses, West Point. ...
  • 5 Small Fenced House, Muldraugh. ...
  • 4 Fire Station, Rosewood. ...
  • 3 Southern Fenced House, Muldraugh. ...
  • 2 Police Station, Riverside. ...
  • 1 Twiggy's Bar, West Point.
Oct 16, 2023

What is the longest survival run in Project Zomboid? ›

If one month in game is 30 in game days. and one in game day is one real life hour. that means that 11 months of survival is equal. to 330 days or 330 hours survived in a single game. That's just a little over more.

What is the hardest city to spawn in Project Zomboid? ›

West Point is the most difficult spot, with high zombie populations.

What are the five basic map colors? ›

Final answer: The 5 basic colors on a military map are blue, green, black, red, and brown. They represent water features, vegetation, man-made features, major roads, and contour lines respectively.

What are the four colors used in maps? ›

Blue: lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, reservoirs, highways, and local borders. Red: major highways, roads, urban areas, airports, special-interest sites, military sites, place names, buildings, and borders. Yellow: built-up or urban areas. Green: parks, golf courses, reservations, forest, orchards, and highways.

What does purple mean on a map? ›

The purple highlights on the map are easem*nts. An easem*nt is a section of land registered on your property title, which gives someone the right to use the land for a specific purpose even though they are not the landowner.

What does the map show what do the colors indicate? ›

The typical colour standard for topographical maps depicts contours in brown, bodies of water in blue, boundaries in black and grids and roads in red. Topographich maps may use different colours to represent area features. Physical maps commonly use colour most dramatically to show changes in elevation.

What do the colors show on the map? ›

Various colours are used for the same purpose. For example, generally, blue is used for showing water bodies, brown for mountains, yellow for plateaus and green is used for plains.

Why is the map color coded? ›

Color is a very useful attribute to depict different features on a map. Typical uses of color include displaying different political divisions, different elevations, or different kinds of roads.

What do the presets mean in Project Zomboid? ›

Custom Sandbox allows the player to adjust the game settings to the way they like. After choosing a starting location, the player can choose their own options, or choose a preset to customise. In the Saved Presets box at the bottom, each default option is the same settings used in the default game modes.

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