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Science4Us Provides Flexible Learning Optio... | ExploreLearning (1)

Just like the stripes on a zebra and the spots on a leopard, no two classrooms are exactly alike. Veteran teachers understand that strengths and concerns within the room change from year to year. Science4Us responds to this reality with an adaptive science curriculum designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of individual classrooms. Science4Us makes delivering a quality science lesson possible whether you have one computer, a whole class set, or any number.

Science4Us adapts to all classrooms

Early science instruction is critical. That’s why teachers in grades K-2 need science resources designed for flexible learning. Science4Us allows learners to develop the critical science knowledge they need for advanced grade levels.

Compatibility with all devices makes Science4Us perfect for:

  • Whole group lessons
  • Science centers
  • Small groups
  • One-on-one learning
  • Independent work

Utilizing Science4Us in whole group or one-on-one instruction

With lessons designed for the youngest learners, Science4Us features online and offline activities that are teacher-ready for whole-group instruction, small-group work, and even individual exploration.

Teachers with access to a class set of computers can take advantage of this luxury in various ways. Lessons can be projected on a board while the students follow along on their own computers. Teachers can gather students in small groups or ask them to complete activities individually, working at their own pace and repeating activities as needed.

For classrooms with limited technology access, the curriculum can be implemented using one computer and a projector for whole-group instruction. This method of implementation allows for more control over the pace of the lesson and more individual involvement by calling students up to interact with the activities.

One-on-one instruction can happen with one computer rotated and shared or a classroom set of devices. The teachers’ guides feature content overviews and suggest sequencing for easy planning. Lessons are designed to bring inquiry-based science learning regardless of the delivery method.

“We would do whole group lessons in my classroom on the projector, then they would explore and finish each section individually in the computer lab. Labs were easy for students to do in groups. Students even logged in at home hungry for more.”
– Leaha, 2nd grade teacher

Discover real-world examples of Science4Us instruction

Science education is the perfect place for authentic learning. Take a look at real educators who make concepts relevant for young students by teaching science and technology skills necessary for digital learning.

Many classrooms have fewer computers than students, making them ideal for leading small group lessons and having more in-depth discussions with students. With all of the hands-on offline activities that are a part of the curriculum, you can have a Science4Us center set up in every corner of the classroom.

“I currently have four laptops available for student use in my classroom. Because of this, I use Science4Us as a whole group and for guided instruction. My students do more of the hands-on activities, such as note-taking, experiments, foldables, and Frayer Models.”
– Josephine, 2nd grade teacher

How should you pick your Science4Us implementation?

Dive right in and start experimenting! Teachers know the best delivery methods for their students. Science4Us makes a mixed-method approach easy. New concepts can be introduced in a whole-group setting, and then students log in to devices independently to explore. Centers can be set up around the classroom with offline activities, while other classes complete these activities as a whole group.

“Once the whole group lessons have been explored, I let my students go on to the website when they are at the computer center, or they can always do so from home or anywhere they have Internet access.”
– Bonnie, 1st grade teacher

The curriculum is flexible enough to meet the needs of any elementary classroom! Twenty-eight Science4Us modules include thousands of online and offline developmentally appropriate activities. Science doesn’t have to be taught in an isolated class period, either. Lessons are embedded with critical literacy and math skills that can meet instructional needs.

Science4Us seamlessly integrates teaching science and developing crucial literacy skills. Some lessons take as little as ten minutes! Teaching science has never been easier. Are you ready to discover the Science4Us difference?

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Science4Us Provides Flexible Learning Optio... | ExploreLearning (2024)
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