Take a Peek Inside 11 Charming Carriage Houses (2024)


While the days of the horse and buggy are far behind us, relics of that bygone age remain to this day in the form of carriage houses. Originally built to house horse-drawn carriages, many of these sturdy, surprisingly ornate structures have been thoughtfully adapted for use as residences. To see some stellar examples of these revitalized properties, browse our selection of the most wow-worthy carriage houses on the Web.

By Manasa Reddigari

Updated on Feb 11, 2020 8:25 PM EST

Take a Peek Inside 11 Charming Carriage Houses (1)

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Refreshed and Rustic in Eugene, Oregon

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From the grand wooden double doors at the entrance to the horse tack hung from rough-hewn balusters, this idyllic brick carriage house proudly showcases its former life as a stable. With its equine inhabitants long gone, the rustic retreat has been revamped to accommodate two-legged visitors. The kitchen and bath downstairs as well as the upstairs sitting room and bedroom afford prime views of scenic Eugene.

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Bright and Airy in San Antonio, Texas

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This carriage house, designed by venerated architect Atlee Ayres, got a second life in the 1960s when it was converted into living quarters for the aging owner of the main house on the property. Today, the residence plays host to Airbnb travelers enjoying the sights of San Antonio. Visitors love the space for itsimpressive architecture and artful living spaces. Perhaps best of all, when the sun pours through the many windows, including an expanse of stained glass on the first floor, the interior is suffused by a warm glow that’s conducive to conversation, creativity, or simply relaxation.


Quaint Comfort in Denver, Colorado

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Looking at the sleek kitchen and modern entryway of this 1880s structure, you’d never guess that these digs began as a shelter for horse-drawn carriages. A major renovation a decade ago transformed the building into an eclectic living space while retaining some of its characteristic Second Empire-stylearchitectural details—from its brick-and-stucco walls to its substantial window and door moldings.

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Snug and Smart in Florence, Alabama

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Nestled in historic downtown Florence, this space-smart carriage house squeezes a wealth of amenities into a single-bedroom, single-bath space. The flagstone patio that lies in front of the cozy brick-and-stone cottage only adds to the reborn outbuilding’s fairytale charm.

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Forest Flair in Arcata, California

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The breathtaking beauty of Redwood National Park provides a stunning backdrop for this carriage house in Arcata. Wood furnishings, colorful potted plants, floral-themed artwork, and plenty of windows come together to create a truly sylvan and luminescent getaway from city life.

Extravagant but Intimate in Memphis, Tennessee

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Thanks to its rustic stonework, curvaceous gables, and an arched entryway and windows, this carriage house looks like an untouched vision from the past. Inside, however, the recently renovated interior is chock-full of modern conveniences. An eye-catching brick kiva-style fireplace brings a touch of unexpected Southwestern charm to this Memphis living room.

Carriage House on the Lake in Paw Paw, Michigan

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This postcard-worthy property in Paw Paw has fully embraced its transformation from turn-of-the-century stable to luxurious lakefront residence. Taking its inspiration from the pristine lakes of southwest Michigan, the exterior sports complementary shades of blue, from the subdued periwinkle of the facade to a vivid turquoise on the front door. Indoors, the bedroom decor playfully nods at the structure’s lakeshore location.

Going Green in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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This brick carriage house in Chapel Hill, built in 1925, was converted into a cozy cottage in the early 20th century. Today, the pint-size home’s lush, verdant facade, complete withclimbing vines, gives new meaning to the term “green living.” Inside, a well-equipped kitchen, efficient bath, and homey bedroom afford convenience and comfort while keeping residents in sync with nature.

Artfully Authentic in St. Louis, Missouri

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Stepping into this rustic residence is like stepping back in time to the 19th century. The former stable still boasts its original horse stalls and tack room as well as two separate apartments. These old-world flourishes coexist with clean and contemporary features, such as a sunroom overlooking a cozy backyard garden.

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Downplayed Pomp in Denver, Colorado

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While the muted red facade, giant carriage house doors, and fleur-de-lis on the gable no doubt turn a few heads in Denver’s historic Baker district, the interior of this recently built structure looks much like any modern home. Neutral shades on thefloors,walls, and kitchen cabinets promote a sense of calm, while pleasing pops of color provide a touch of warmth, even during Denver’s famously cold winters.

Fun at the Beach in Falmouth, Massachusetts

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Planning your next getaway? You’ll find an abundance of peace and quiet for work or play in this newly renovated, secluded cottage, available for rent in Falmouth. Located close to four beaches in and around the town, the little red carriage house exemplifies laid-back living, with its leafy greenery and serene setting.

Take a Peek Inside 11 Charming Carriage Houses (2024)
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