The Ultimate Best Sled Deck Comparison Guide 2023 (2024)

The Ultimate Best Sled Deck Comparison Guide 2023

Shopping for the best sled deck can be somewhat tricky. Especially, depending on where you live and the availability of powersports dealerships in your area.

You shouldn’t need to worry about how you’re going to transport your snowmobile to your riding destination. A sled deck is a phenomenal option. To help you choose the best sled deck for your needs, we have compiled the 5 top sled deck brands and compared their best features.


You’d be surprised at how many people aren’t familiar with what a sled deck is.

A Sled deck is an extended ramp or sturdy platform attached on the rear bed of your truck for hauling snowmobiles and other equipment. A sled deck offers numerous advantages over a sled trailer, making it a favorite to snowmobilers who like to quickly and easily haul sleds around.

What are the benefits of a sled deck?

Some of the reasons why you should buy a sled deck include:

  • With a sled deck, you don’t have to worry about parking space, unlike a trailer where parking is always a hassle.
  • Maneuvering and turning around can be a walk in the park compared to towing a trailer. This is especially helpful when you are driving in roads packed with snow.
  • You don’t have to worry about blown-up tires, extra tires, bearing to grease, safety chains and high fuel demands.
  • No tires or axles needed to maintain it.
  • You can’t take trailers to narrow roads and rugged terrains and roads with 90 degrees turn.
  • Most sled decks are designed to be sued for other purposes other than transporting snowmobiles.

How much does a sled deck weigh?

A sled deck weighs more or less 400 lbs.

How long is a sled deck?

They obviously range in size but should fit most of the popular truck box sizes available on the market. You typically see them range between 5 & 8 feet long.

How long does it take to install a sled deck?

According to TRUCKBOSS, it takes three hours to install a standard model. However, your specific deck might take shorter or longer.

How do you install a sled deck?

Although it requires some time and effort plus a couple of friends to install the sled deck on your truck, you don’t have to be an expert to do it. You can install a sled deck if you follow the step by step installation guide from your manufacturer. Just take note of these important things and you’ll never go wrong:

  • Make sure that the turnbuckles are securely installed. The good thing about turnbuckles is that you don’t need tools to mount you sled deck because of its advance locking feature.
  • After installing turnbuckles strengthen your sled deck with tie-downs. Tie-downs provide better stability which makes the snowmobile securely hauled and prevent moving during transit. Choose a tie-down that specifically fits your vehicle so that damage to the bed or bumper of your truck will be avoided.
  • Make sure that a rear suspension is added to your vehicle to prevent unnecessary swaying while you drive. Although your sled deck’s weight is within the manufacturer’s guidelines, the weight can still affect your truck’s capacity.

5 Best Sled Deck Manufacturers

Here we have compiled the top 5 best sled decks manufacturers to give you options and guide you on your decision-making.

Tarp Pro Inc. (Dura Deck)

The Ultimate Best Sled Deck Comparison Guide 2023 (1)

This sled deck manufacturer not only caters to your snowmobiles needs but also motorcycles and UTVs needs. Their all season truck deck, Dura Deck, has aluminum framing and decking, and it comes with optional accessories to suit your needs and style.

What I like about Dura Deck is that it gives you four finish options. Plus, it does not require any trailer and is stylish, durable and easy to install. With side legs and adjustable legs, you can hail everything on it whether it is motorcycles, UTVs, quads or snowmobiles.

Standard features:

  • Sliding expandable slides
  • Adjustable legs
  • With side legs
  • 10 feet telescopic ramp
  • With LED lights
  • Track tie down (Rear)
  • Quick ski clamps

Optional accessories:

  • Electric sliding slides ($800)
  • Floodlights with remote ($250)
  • Bluetooth speaker ($200)
  • Custom wraps ($250)

Size Specifications:

  • 7 feet and 8 inches deck length for a short box which fits 6’4” -6’6” beds
  • 8 feet and 6 inches deck length and fit all 8’ beds (add$100)
  • Sides extend to 102” wide

Styles and materials options:

  • Classic: bare wood, raw aluminum, no paint ($2800)
  • Pro: powder-coated, caliber ski glides, painted decking ($3250)
  • Elite: powder-coated, rubber-lined decking, caliber ski glides, ramp assist ($3650)
  • Platinum: powder-coated, ramp assist, caliber ski glides, aluminum decking



The sled decks from Marlon offer a combination of functionality, safety and security. Marlon offers various truck decks to choose from including 1- XPLORE PRO II 8’ TRUCK DECK, 2-XPLORE PRO II 7’ TRUCK DECK, 3-XPLORE II 8’ TRUCK DECK, 4-XPLORE II 7’ TRUCK DECK, TRUCK DECK RACK.

The good thing about Marlon is that it offers other related accessories for a much customized snowmobile riding.

Featured Product:1-Xplore Pro II 8’ Truck Deck

Standard features

  • With superglide extrusions (mounted on the deck for loading on sides and down the middle)
  • Side extrusions (equipped with bullet LED lights which are strategically placed and come with a heavy-duty toggle switch for lighting things up)
  • 10 feet telescopic ramp
  • Easy-grip profile at the bottom to extend or pull sides out
  • Includes 4 tie-downs
  • Adjustable legs to fit a long box or short box
  • Plug-in wiring harness which allows plugging deck into the trailer lights

Other accessories

  • Telescopic ramps with wide superglides
  • Riser and riser extension
  • Aluminum decking
  • Adjustable sliding legs
  • UHMW on slide-out points and trays
  • Side extrusion
  • LED bullet lights
  • Bevelled deck rear
  • Levelling kit
  • Included four tie-downs
  • Truck rack

Size Specifications

  • 8 feet truck deck which fits 6’8” – 8’ truck box

Safety and Security Features

  • Embedded LED lights provide running, signal, brake and reverse light (patented)
  • Deck extension adds to 22”
  • FEA computer stress analysis design
  • 3 locations superglides
  • Center deck tie-down
  • 2 feet ramp extension reduces the ramp angle
  • Front super clamp ski tie-down from leading industry
  • Rear super clamps from leading industry
  • Bolt-in securement

Other related accessories

  • Marlon Xplor II SXS Riser
  • Deck Extension for Xplor Decks
  • Deck Leveling Kit Standard on 2019 Decks and newer
  • 229-0015 Super Track Tie-Down Hook
  • SXS Deck Riser Ramp
  • Sled Deck Ramp Extension

Other product options

  • Xplore Pro II 7’ Truck Deck
  • Xplore II 8’ Truck Deck
  • Xplore II 7’ Truck Deck

Silverlake Manufacturing

This Deluxe model sled deck manufacturer proud itself of its expandable deck feature and their craftsmanship. Their uniquely engineered ramp makes loading and unloading easy. All their sled decks and flatbeds are user-friendly and are made from premium quality aluminum to ensure durability. They can be used for transportation of UTVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and four wheelers.

Featured Product:Bobtail Sled Deck with Expandable Sides from

Standard features:

  • With LED running lights (2amber and 2 red)
  • The wiring is made up of 2 point plug
  • 11 feet telescopic ramp with plastic ski runners
  • 3 tie-down points
  • Tie-downs and tie-down mounts are manufactured with standard screw type aluminum as well as Super Clamp mounting plates
  • Headache rack is full cab protection, welded

Optional accessories:

  • Super clamp II ($220)
  • Center strip for bikes ($370)
  • Upgrade to quality aluminum (($880)
  • Custom powder coating ($440)

Size Specifications:

  • Box size fits short and long beds (6 feet and 3 inches is the shortest)
  • Dimension: 8 feet x 6 ½ inches (retracted)

8 feet x 8 feet and 4 inches (expanded)


  • Decking ½” AC marine plywood
  • Construction: all aluminum


TRUCKBOSS offers Value Bundle for your sled deck requirements. Their unique all-aluminum no-weld construction provides easy installation. TRUCKBOSS products have four major selling points, one of them being strength and durability. The led deck is made from aluminum, which does not require welding and retains its high metal strength.

This sled deck is also very easy to install since no its patented capture channel does not require drilling. Also, with this sled deck, you won’t need to worry about safety because the winch loading ensures safety. It slides laterally to ensure proper alignment, especially when doing multiple load placements.

Another great spec is its convenience flexibility that gives you great value for money. It is equipped with a sealed storage to keep your gear protected from water, dirt and theft.

It also offers snow bundle options for yourbest sled deckriding pleasure.

Featured product: The TRUCKBOSS Expandable Deck

This is TRUCKBOSS’s most popular sled deck product and one of the best on the market. It can carry two ATVs, 2 snowmobiles, 2 large PWCs, 3 small PWCs and a single UTV. It’s completely flat and load ready surface when the sides are in the ‘in’ position is the only one on the market. Plus, you can add the TRUCKBOSS flip extension to short configurations if you want to transport long track sheds.

Standard Features:

  • Deck system comes with expandable sides
  • 2 x 10 feet telescopic ramps (skinny ramps) or 1 x 10 feet fat ramp
  • 4 telescoping support legs that have wright distributing base plates (US patented)
  • Ramp bar
  • Cab guard (headache rack)
  • Ramp pockets for adequate storage
  • 4 LED clearance lights (2 red on rear and 2 amber on front)
  • Patented no weld deck technology (US Patent No.8496281)
  • Exclusive winch loading system (optional)
  • Compatible with SMARTBOXX
  • Exclusive infinite tie-down points
  • 2000 lbs capacity

Size Specification:

  • Modular – Fits all full-size trucks
  • Expandable 6 feet deck
  • Expandable 7 feet deck
  • Expandable 8 feet deck

Material and finish:

  • Exclusive no maintenance anodized finish
  • Secure and weatherproof under the deck

Snow bundle options:

  • Snow Bike Deluxe Bundle
  • TRUCKBOSS fixed Deck
  • 10 x 52 ramp
  • 3500 lb Winch Kit
  • 2 Flexxloader Restraint System
  • 2 Single Axle Buggy System
  • 6 Tie Down rings
  • Smartboxx
  • Snow Bike Bundle:
    • TRUCKBOSS Fixed Deck
    • 10 x 52 ramp
    • 3500 lb Winch Kit
    • 2 Flexxloader Snow
    • Bike Binder Restraint System
    • 6 Tie Down rings
  • Snow Deluxe Bundle:
    • TRUCKBOSS Expandable Deck
    • 10 x 52 ramp
    • 2 Sledlocxx Ski Clamps
    • 6 Tie Down rings
    • 3500# Winch Kit
    • Flip Extension (for 6ft or 7ft Deck)
    • Carbide Kit
  • Snow Bundle:
    • TRUCKBOSS Expandable Deck
    • 10 x 52 ramp
    • Flip Extension (for 6ft or 7ft Deck)
    • 6 Tie Down rings
    • Carbide Kit


The good thing about Ramptek decks is that you can almost customize your deck. This is because they offer customization options such as width change, Powdercoat, ratchet strap hardware, aluminum quality, marker lights, ATV center section and removable center cross. The versatility of the product allows you to load other equipment other than a snowmobile.

Ramptek offers a variety of deck products to choose from including:

  • Ramptek X3 Max Long bed UTV deck
  • Ramptek 2 seat standard bed UTV deck ($2500)
  • Ramptek 2/4 seat standard bed UTV truck rack ($2700)
  • Ramptek X3 Max standard bed UTV truck rack
  • Ramptek trail model short/standard bed UTV deck
  • Ramptek 2 seat flat UTV deck
  • Ramptek 2 seat short bed UTV deck
  • Ramptek 2/4 seat long bed UTV rack ($2500)
  • Over the top UTV truck rack

Standard features:(features vary according to product model)

  • 4 turnbuckles included
  • Aluminum ramps included
  • Aluminum decking
  • Textured black powder coat (ranges from 1-3 coats)
  • Expandable sides
  • 10 feet telescopic ramps
  • LED lighting
  • Height adjustability to custom fit the bed

Optional accessories:

  • Retractable ratchet strap
  • Color change (sandblast, prime, powder coat)
  • Aluminum construction upgrade
  • Marker lights
  • ATV center section
  • Removable center crossbars

Size specification:

  • 5 feet to 8 feet truck beds (depending on the model)


  • Ranges from 300- 550 pounds


What is interesting about these brands is that they have their respective features that are uniquely available only to the brand. Tarp Pro Inc. offers accessories option and finish options according to your style. The Marlon brand is more concerned with the safety and security of their sled deck.

On the other hand, the SilverLake Manufacturing offers upgrading and custom powder coating while the TRUCKBOSS brand offers the ability to add a winch and other useful accessories. The Ramtek gives you a wide variety of decks to choose from, which you can customize according to your style and vehicle.

While you are gearing up for that wild snowmobile adventure it helps to choose thebest sled deckso as not to spoil you much deserved trip. Remember that mountain riding is an extreme sport it is therefore very important to have reliable products.

The Ultimate Best Sled Deck Comparison Guide 2023 (2024)
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