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Are you meticulously organizing tiny onesies in the nursery closet, imagining the adorable little bundle of joy who will soon wear them? Or maybe you're perched on the edge of the crib, dreaming of the giggles and cuddles that await. Welcome to the exciting world of nesting during pregnancy! Whether organizing a cluttered closet or finishing the nursery, nesting is about more than just preparation—it's a heartfelt and practical way to prepare for your new arrival. Let’s explore together what is nesting during pregnancy and discover how this preparatory phase can be a joyful and integral part of your journey into parenthood.

Simplifying Nesting

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, remember tokeep it simple. The truth is, babies don't need a whole lot. In fact, we can narrow it down to about six essentials:

  1. Safe sleep surface

  2. Diaper supplies

  3. Onesies and footed sleepers

  4. Swaddles

  5. Sound machine

  6. Feeding supplies

And please don’t stress if the nursery is not perfect before they arrive. You will have time to perfect it once they are here, especially once you see how you use the space!

Keep reading for Moms on Call’s comprehensive guide to nesting, which includes some personal reflections from pediatric experts and Moms on Call Co-Founder, Laura Hunter.

Understanding Nesting

Nesting during pregnancy is that common urge to clean, organize, and prepare your home before your baby arrives. It usually surfaces in the third trimester, driven by an instinct to provide a safe environment for your newborn. Our Co-Founders, Laura and Jennifer, draw from their extensive pediatric nursing experience to highlight that nesting aids parents-to-be in mentally preparing for the responsibilities and joys of a new baby.

The Emotional Journey of Nesting

The urge to nest can bring excitement and a burst of energy. Many parents describe the nesting stage during pregnancy as a period where they feel a profound connection to their baby, even before birth. This emotional bonding is a beautiful aspect of nesting, as it ties you emotionally to the little one you're about to meet.

Preparing the Baby’s Room - The Heart of Nesting

Preparing the baby’s room is often where most of your energy will be focused during nesting. A well-rested family is a happy family, and the right environment can make all the difference. Here are some of our top recommendations for creating a nursery that serves as a safe, calming haven for your baby:

  • The Crib: The crib should be your first focus. We recommend a crib that is less than five years old with a new mattress. Our is designed to support your baby from infancy to toddlerhood with dual-firmness that adjusts for comfort as your child grows. The crib should be free of pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets to minimize risks and distractions.

  • Feeding Essentials: Equip yourself with the NUK First Essentials Bottle , which boasts a nipple design that mimics natural breastfeeding and is proven to support feeding success.

  • White Noise: The LectroFan Classic Sound Machine provides a consistent backdrop of soothing sounds reminiscent of the womb. Place it 12-24 inches from the crib to help your baby drift into a peaceful sleep, and consider a portable model for travel to maintain sleep routines on the go.

  • Comforting Tools: The BIBS Pacifier allows your baby to exercise their sucking reflex naturally and safely, made from 100% natural rubber and free from harmful chemicals. A Moms on Call swaddle blanket for babies under 12 weeks or 12 lbs helps to keep their arms secure by providing snugness at the elbow level, imitating a parent’s warm embrace. There’s a way to do it that is the safest and most effective . Start practicing on a stuffed animal now and you’ll be a pro by your baby’s arrival!

  • Lighting and Temperature: Utilize blackout shades to ensure the room is dark at night, fostering a night-time association. The room temperature should be kept cool, between 68-72ºF, to help your baby sleep comfortably. For naps, you can leave the blinds open or a lamp on to differentiate from night sleep.

  • Decor and Safety: While mobiles and plush toys look adorable, they should be kept away from the crib to ensure a distraction-free area. Instead, hang that cute mobile over the changing table where distraction is welcome and keep soft toys on shelves or in a decorative basket to maintain a tidy and stimulating environment during playtime, not bedtime.

Beyond the Baby’s Room: Other Nesting Areas

While the nursery is a focal point, consider these additional nesting areas:

  • Supplies: Stock up on essentials like diapers, wipes, and gentle cleaning products.

  • Kitchen: Prepare and freeze meals for the postpartum period and organize your kitchen to make meal prep easier with a new baby.

  • Car and Home Safety: Install the car seat correctly and practice getting your baby in and out with a baby doll. Check smoke detectors and baby-proof your home to ensure everything is ready and safe. Also, consider taking a CPR/First Aid class before delivery for added peace of mind.

  • Pediatrician:Ensure you've connected with and selected a pediatrician you trust.

  • Finances:Review your financial and insurance plans to determine any policy changes that may be needed. Also consider settling bills early, if feasible.

  • Pack your hospital bag .

  • Contact Lists:Compile a priority contact list for loved ones awaiting the baby's arrival.

  • Self-Care:Prioritize self-care with pampering sessions, a few books (not about parenting), movies or a new series that you can binge without having to make any more decisions!

Reflections on Nesting

Moms on Call Co-Founder Laura Hunter says, “Reflecting on my experience, I realize the importance of taking time for myself and my husband before our baby's arrival. I wish we had carved out moments to be present with each other, openly discuss the changes ahead, and intentionally nurture our relationship amidst the upcoming adjustments.

In hindsight, I would have approached shopping differently, opting for fewer of the latest gadgets and gizmos. Instead, I would have waited to see what items were truly necessary or wanted once our baby arrived.”

Embrace Your Nesting Journey with Confidence

Nesting is a beautiful, natural part of pregnancy that helps you prepare not just your home but also your heart for the arrival of your new baby. At Moms on Call, we are here to support you every step of the way with resources that bring confidence and calm to your parenting journey. Like this blog? You will love our Online Video Courses ! These courses bring our books to life and walk you step-by-step through each stage of the parenting journey with our bite-sized, value-packed videos. Learn all about schedule transitions and developmental milestones with us at your side.

Remember, you're not just preparing a space—you're preparing for a new, incredible chapter of your life. Welcome to the nesting stage during pregnancy and this beautiful journey of parenthood. Stay tuned for more resources, and don’t hesitate to explore our Knowledge Center and shop for more insights and support!

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What is Nesting During Pregnancy? | Moms on Call (2024)
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