SRB2 Wads Archive : Sonic Team Jr. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive (2024)

I making wad collection starting with SF94-city Unofficial update while city music is the same it has been extended. I'll making more wads and PK3 soon.

Update 3/16/23 Over 600+ wads and Pk3s have been added to Collection.

Update 3/21/23 SF94 City Old Version uploaded by Walter S. 4shared 8-28-10 is now on Internet Archive. it only works on SRB2 2.0.

Update 4/26/23 Dark Meadows Zone has been added to SRB2 as i got permission from LJ Sonic and it also contain lastest version.

Update 4/29/23 Dark Meadows Zone have been moved to it's own page Link

Update 5/1/23 1.09.4 Music mod 2.2 Higher Quality music and Better 1.09.4 have been added.

Update 5/2/23 Backrooms now has Tag and Hide and Seek support. it has no rings in this version so you had to tag hand someone.

Update 5/3/23 added2.1music-V2.pk3 from Skybase. Finally i got working 2.1 music on 2.2.

Update 5/4/23 i got 2.1music-V2 fromSonicTails&Knuckles on skybase and people are getting fed up with long wait when more music will added so I'm here to make updates. 2.1music-V3 has been uploaded with over 12 music have been added and fixed issues withred volcano playing act 2 instead of act 1 it's not complete yet but it'll get more updates soon.

Update 5/4/23b 2.1musicV4 update has been updated the remaining CTF/Match music includingAerial Garden Zone and NiGHTS Mode have been added and any that name map with number have been removed the reason is to avoid getting someone banned from master server BlameSonicTails&Knuckles for rusheddecisions.

Update 5/5/23 2.1musicV5 update has been upload. The intermission music used to not work is now fixed.

Update 5/6/23 Imay have a little overprotective for 2.1music.pk3. even though music unused by naming MAP06M it will not work on 2.2 it still counts as Non-Music Lumps as you need to name the levels for music current version 2.2 to work. This is done to apply Master Server and to prevent SRB2 players getting banned from Hosting. Never make outdated music name on 2.2. SonicTails&Knuckles have named 13 which is from 2.1 music that don't work on 2.2.

Update 5/7/23 2.1music-V6 has been uploaded The music for Vs Fang Development version has been added. it fits to 2.1music as it not officially added in 2.1 music but definitely still uses for 2.1 background so why not.

Update 5/8/23 2.1music Version V2-V3 has been removed from Wad Archive while V4 remained absent 4 days after The SRB2 Skybase took it down. This is due to his bad job replacing itwithGFZ2 for entire Greenflower Zone that already fix it on V3 including Red Volcano zone and on v4b 13 Non-Music Lumps that went unused was removed. so far V6 is recent version and Nights level will not be included while V1-V2 is SonicTails& Knuckles while V3-V6 is LexTheGamer95 and made improvements so it took 2 years to get it complete.

Update 5/10/23 MysticRealm2.1 V2 is now on Wads Archive. the remaining 2.1 music that went missing in V1 has been added.

Update 6/10/23 There used to be website for SRB2 Wad Archive run by unknown owner until Google took it down in 2023. it has not been updated in late 2020 and not sure what happened to former owner and didn't know about that until now. It thankfully got revived but on Internet Archive with new owner and I'm now archive wads this includes PK3 and now made improvement to former owner's SRB2 Wad Archive Have fun using mods.

Update 8/11/23 Old Museum Music From SRB2 2.1 The Past has been ported to 2.2 with audio improvement for Museum and music upgrade for Hud.

Update 8/31/23 Flying Forever have been added. After success for Panic! edited version. i may consider making edited version for Sonic 06 but after couple attempts couple weeks ago some files lost quality and only reduce 26mb with music quality kept so probably not to host for now.

Update 9/1/23 another 18mb reduce music size for Sonic 06 has been upload this time quality has been improved over first 18mb as i don't hear muffled so I still consider making edited version so please refrain from submitting unofficial ports to the MB it means don't upload.

Update 9/1/23 SRB2 Sonic 2006 Extended Port Edited Version with 18mb music is out on Internet Archive.

Update 9/5/23 Unfortunately once it reaches to 1000 files meaning i can't upload more then that due to Internet Archive Limitations so i might make part 2 soon.

It's free and mods should not be sold

Don't host Portlegs and Non-reuseable addon.

Joinable music PK3 is also available if it only contains music it'll not set the game as modified but don't add it until you the map or joined someone's server first.

Credit to all mod creators.

LexTheGamer95 is making collection.

SRB2 Sonic 2006 Extended Port Edited Version

Former Unknown Owner's SRB2 Wad Archive

SRB2 Wads Archive Part 2

Addon Tutorial by Neo_Cat3

SRB2 Wads Archive : Sonic Team Jr. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive (2024)
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